Forgiveness at Christmas – 7 Steps to Letting Go

While we all love festive fun, we also know how fraught Christmas around the dinner table can be; From petty squabbles to deep unresolved wounds. In either case, when it comes to fully letting go, forgiveness plays a key role. Particularly as blame really does equal...

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A New Age Fear! – Where to draw the line in society

Although fear has always existed and always will, in today’s society it seems we are particularly besieged with a perpetual fear culture – An anxiety over drive! Something I refer to as “New Age Fear”. Over the last decade this has increasingly crept in and filtered...

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12 Effective and Pro-Active Stress Busters!

12 Effective and Pro-Active Stress Busters! Why we get stressed and what we can do about it… When we get stressed it’s often more a case of, “why do we allow ourselves to feel stressed by something”. The answer to this may be an entire host of individual reasons...

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How crazy have things become?

WARNING – This article may cause offence, it may also take a fraction of your time, could possibly cause eye strain, have various typo’s, may cause you to think, and probably a whole world of other obvious and remote possibilities that I of course take no...

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Ditching Depression – The Top Six Essential Ingredients

Over the years we’ve helped so many people completely overcome some of the most severe and sinister cases of depression, even when unbelievably they’ve been told “once depressed, you’ll always have depression”… mmm as someone having lived and worked with diabetes for...

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Tips for Helping to Come Off Anti-Depressant Medication

First and foremost, if anyone intends to stop taking anti-depressant medication, be these standard anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, sedatives or minor tranquilisers please first read the following; Immediately inform your doctor of your intentions and outcome so...

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Ten Practical Tips to Help Sky Rocket Your Confidence

There are so many reasons as to why we can all experience a lack of confidence from time to time, be this from having a new baby, serious illness, a traumatic past event, financial challenges, or relationship break up’s to unemployment bouts, and bullying. However,...

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The Power of Veganism

When it comes to veganism (a diet and/or lifestyle not eating or using products derived from animals whatsoever) there tends to be a lot of mixed opinion. This usually ranges from people having convinced themselves that a purely vegan diet will cause them to miss out...

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7 proven ways to reverse type 2 diabetes

Amidst all the hype and here say, type 2 diabetes can in truth, be completely reversed; and it doesn’t have to involve any expensive pills, surgery, or senseless diet fads. Nor does it have to be overwhelming or complicated, it just requires making some all-round...

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Never be defeated by diabetes!

There’s really no need, so it’s high time to make positive change and see things differently… Often when it comes to diabetes it can be pretty challenging to find much positivity or encouragement, hence it seldom gets a positive perspective (of much substance). This...

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