Over the years we’ve helped so many people completely overcome some of the most severe and sinister cases of depression, even when unbelievably they’ve been told “once depressed, you’ll always have depression”… mmm as someone having lived and worked with diabetes for a long time, I can’t possibly think why that has a familiar ring to it!

Nevertheless, whatever you may have been told about YOUR OWN condition the upshot is that there really is no need to ever suffer continuously! This is because there is so much that can be done to overcome this debilitating, horrific and lonely state, that we refer to as depression.

As a clinical practice we hate it when we hear from our clients that when they’ve previously attended ‘Depression Recovery Groups’, they’ve been told “Although you’ll always have depression we’re going to teach you how to manage it”… well how bloody depressing in itself to actually be told that!  We’ve seen individuals mortified by this statement and even worse, nearly accept it; However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

So the great news is, if you’re serious about ditching depression for good – you can! and here are some top fundamental pointers to do just that, also check out our other blogs on stress, depression and tips to safely avoid and get off anti-depressant medication;

Target the Root Cause

Even if we have to keep digging and asking ourselves ‘why or for what purpose’, it’s critical to get to the very core reason and root of cause of depression – and this could be something superficial to begin with, yet pertain to something years back that is either obvious to you, or even currently unconscious to you.

So get the right help and support for you, and find someone who can effectively assist in helping you to resolve and let go of this root cause and subsequent triggers, once and for all. Make that decision and commit to positive change for yourself, and believe you deserve to be happy as there are so many ways to successfully help.

As individuals, once we make a decision to take action, although change can often be a daunting and tough prospect; it will free us forever and allow us to positively move on.

It will also help to clarify many things personally and understand ourselves in a way that perhaps we never realised. It will then be a case of supporting this with day to day coping mechanisms that will help to readjust in ditching depression for good.

Create a Purpose and Make That Decision

We all need a purpose in life because this is our motivation as to why we keep going. If we decide or realise what our purpose is in life, or think about it carefully and create one that ignites a personal spark; this will dramatically help in creating direction and focus to kick depression.

What we believe we become, so it’s really important to get a good understanding of ourselves and what it is that really makes us personally tick. Make that decision to take personal responsibility for your life and that you deserve to be free, happy, and get what you want in life.

 Focus On What You Want Rather Than What You Don’t Want

Focus on all that you DO want and the things you CAN DO. Wherever focus and attention goes, energy follows, and you naturally attract more of it. On that note, if we focus on the negatives in life and all that is wrong, energy will flow in this direction and attract even more negativity because what we focus on, we get – in the case of depression, a very negative spiral!

It can sound so simple to think this way, but it is the way and workings of the universe; in effect, we live in a ‘yes universe’ in accordance with our thoughts and deep belief system. The more we focus on what we DO WANT and what we CAN DO, the more we’ll experience the results we want; so let the negative energy go! Whatever we ask for and give our full focus to, the universe says ‘yes’ – so keep this in mind as to where your general focus is. For example – rather than focussing on ‘treating or tackling depression’ as your focus would still primarily be on ‘depression’, Focus on getting well, being healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

Remember, emotions just transpire as energy… so negative emotion is just exhausting negative energy; However, we can change this by changing our focus and taking action.

Have an Outcome

Whenever any of us are working toward a goal of any sort, we need an ‘evidence procedure’ to know we’ve achieved it successfully. So how will you know when you’ve fully ditched depression once and for all? How will life be for you then? How will you know it’s not time to be depressed anymore?

If you imagine this so clearly, using all your senses and make this your focus … energy will flow toward this and you’ll naturally begin to move toward it and successfully achieve it!

Create the Right Environment and Network to Succeed

Our surroundings are so important in terms of who and what our influences are, what we perceive, and who we consequently become.

For example, if we are constantly around people of a low mood, negative energy or people who are of a pessimistic nature, we soon become the same or feel even further depressed. If instead we are around upbeat, positive, supportive, funny and encouraging people who are free of personal limitations, we will naturally feel inspired and encouraged, and this will inevitably rub off on us.

In terms of our environment, we can make this positive too by making it bright and fresh, clean and tidy, pleasant smells and uplifting or relaxing music, as well as being a comfortable and safe place to spend the majority of our time.

This is important because our environment also reflects how we feel. I know personally, when I’m at work – I like to begin with everything tidy and ordered to help keep a tidy mind (although that’s not to say it doesn’t gradually get busy with papers and mugs etc.), but a bright, fresh, tidy room is certainly a bright, free thinking, and tidy mind as far as I’m concerned.

Pleasant scents can also act as a good calming tool and even trigger certain good feelings too. Depending on our associated memories with certain scents, we can positively utilise this. For example, lavender incense can be particularly calming and might remind us of a nice garden or past memory etc., similarly cinnamon or spiced apple is often associated with Christmas and can therefore generate particular positive feelings too, or vanilla can be a sweet pleasant smell.

Either way, all such changes to our environment and those who we share it with make a dramatic impact on our psychological state. Such changes can help in lifting our mood and feeling more inspired to continue making even greater changes.

Generate Natural Endorphins (happy chemicals)

The more natural ways we can do this, the better any of us will feel, particularly because depression occurs and certainly worsens when these hormones are in short supply. Naturally boasting endorphin levels will help to feel more inspired and in turn our emotional and physical health will greatly benefit.

One of the most obvious ways to increase endorphins is to exercise, however when depressed, that’s not always as easy as it sounds.

On that note, just taking a short walk in the fresh air to go and buy a paper or a coffee etc. can help and it’s something to build on.

Just saying ‘hello’ to someone in passing can create a feel good factor, just as smiling and standing up straight, head and shoulders back can make us feel better (even if we don’t yet feel it inside, our physical state eventually affects our internal state and visa versa) – never underestimate how simply practising to do, or be something, can aid in feeling better – because what we practice, we become.

Also, although it sounds simple, taking a bath or shower and fully immersing ourselves in water can significantly help in aiding a feel good factor. This is because it assists in re-starting the emotional part of the brain via a temperature change, so a good shower or bath to freshen up mentally and physically is of great benefit.

In addition to this, if you dress to impress too, it all adds toward feeling better and aids in a progression in wanting to make other core changes. Taking small and simple steps begin to make a big difference.

Back to stimulating endorphins… this can be anything that we enjoy that’s a bit more physical or something that makes us laugh.

Watching comedy programs or comedian DVD’s can be a good start as well as talking and interacting with others – even if it’s only in a very small way at first.  Even if we engage with others on-line, such as positive and relevant people on social media or websites, this can help to re-direct focus, and provide another interest… and who knows where that might lead.

In a nutshell, we’re not designed to be alone, so any interaction can really help in feeling better. However, the same rules apply about this being in a positive context and environment – some on-line groups can be quite negative (esp. some health related ones… remembering what I said about where focus goes!), so if that’s the case, ditch ‘em quick and find what makes you feel good and positive about yourself!

Finally, in taking any of these steps, it’s important to reward ourselves and give ourselves plenty to look forward to because we all need a reason for doing something. Rewarding ourselves accordingly to act as motivation is important if this works for you (well that’s my excuse for a treat anyway ;-)).

Remember, life is for living and you’re just as entitled to do this as the next person, and more importantly, YOU CAN! Make that decision to positively change and get the right help and support to go for it. Life’s a gift and it’s generally up to us to get the most value out of it.

It might not always feel like it and it might not always be the most appealing one to begin with; but we do have a choice in how we respond to situations, the learning’s we choose to take and the meanings we attach to certain events; so choose positive change and know you can ditch depression for good!

Wishing you all the best in going forward.