As Hippocrates once said
“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”

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“Every single thought and emotion we have scientifically affects our entire body physically – that’s the mind body connection; The reason why we should be excited about everything we can positively achieve”

Hello and a warm welcome to the fascinating world of mind body medicine.

Whether you’re on this site because you’ve been directed by ‘Mind Body Diabetes’ or you’re exploring the net for various ways in which you can make positive and significant changes to your health and life in general; you’ll find no limitations or negative undertones here, just your infinite capability coupled with realistic, practical, and exciting solutions.

Mind body medicine is about how our mind activates all the changes (good, bad, and indifferent) within our body; focused on positively utilising this concept to bring about optimum physical and psychological well-being. Given the science behind this principle there really are no limits as to what can be achieved in all aspects of health (diabetes, our lives in general, or otherwise). is primarily a resource site specifically linked to various books and articles, so where directed please feel free to listen to the audios, view any of the other resources, and certainly share your own valuable contributions!

As a clinical practitioner in mind body medicine I can assist with a host of challenges you may be experiencing too, in which case you can visit The Pinnacle Practice page on this site for more information.

Either way, whatever your particular challenge, desired outcome, or reason for visiting this site, these are exciting times of positive change because it’s all out there for you to start your journey today.

Wishing you the absolute best in all you choose to do


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