…Your Potential is Infinite! Conquer any fears or anxieties, create an indestructible mind-set and achieve anything

When was the last time you did something that scared you; the last time you really put yourself to the test, took a risk and pushed your boundaries such that you bulldozed right through them? Essen­tially, when was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone and used it to make positive change to hurtle yourself forward in life?

Conversely, have you ever asked yourself “What didn’t I do because I de­cided to stay within the confines of my comfort zone? If I had decided otherwise, what could I have achieved?”

Whenever and whatever your answer may be, if you’ve ever successfully confronted and overcome a particular fear of doing something, it’s a fair bet that you felt an overwhelming sense of freedom, total liberation, self-worth and fulfilling satisfaction. A pretty awesome feeling, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Well, just for a few moments, imagine feeling like this all the time. That amazing feeling when you’ve overcome something, smashed right through your boundaries and consequently feel unstoppable; as if there’s now no­thing in the world to prevent you from doing and getting everything you want. A new way of thinking that provides you with a true sense of liber­ation; a breath of freedom allowing you to fully take in life. Now imagine being able to feel this way permanently – and know that if you really want to, you’ve already found an exceptionally powerful resource to ensure you can.

The fact you are even reading this article suggests you already have a great positive and pro-active core about you, indicating your ability to integrate such profound changes in your life and build on such an existing mind-set to make it truly unstoppable…

Have you actually ever considered who or what you could be if you had no comfort zone?

A pretty thought-provoking question for any of us. Simply because most people have something that hinders or prevents them entirely from stepping outside their personal comfort zone, something which of course is different for everyone. However, the one thing that is the same for everyone, is that   whatever this personal limitation is, it will ultimately pertain to a fear; be this from tangible fears – like a needle or flying phobia to the purely psychological, intangible fears – like daily anxiety, social phobia or fear of change or failure, even fear that has manifested itself as physical ill health.

You name it, even if we are without conscious fears, anything that blocks us from the life we could be leading, will ultimately, in some way trace back to a deeper root fear or unconscious limitation.

The exciting news here is that the more we learn to conquer and release all our irrational fears and limitations, the more we begin to create immense positive change for an amazing life beyond limits. And there are so many powerful ways we can do this, in any context.

One of the most critical aspects in conquering fear and achieving this is adopting the right mindset…

A powerful unstoppable mindset that creates new possibilities and opportunity.

Our core mind-set is everything because it makes anything possible. When we have this in place, the rest will always follow, and we can make the impossible, possible.

On a personal and professional level, I deal with fear in one form or another every day: from once having been told I was going blind to successfully reversing type 1 diabetes in the field of Mind Body Medicine or working with people who have suffered from severe trauma’s, life debilitating anxiety or have just been told they have a terminal illness. As this just scratches the surface having starred death in the face a good few times myself, alongside overcoming some major curve balls in most aspects of life, I know all too well how a strong mind-set really is the difference that makes the ALL difference.

It’s from the moment we start thinking differently, we start to experience very different and exciting results.

As I’ve spent many years studying various aspects of psychology, researching how the mind and body are inextricably linked and working in practice helping people to get the best possible results in every aspect of life: I’ve have the luxury of observing exactly what components are “always” present in the people who conquer their fears, break personal boundaries and live the most fulfilled life they want.

These attributes are something I refer to as the components that form a “zone zero” personality. Meaning that people who fall in this bracket have no comfort zone. That’s not to say they find everything easy and never experience any challenges or natural fear that comes with constantly evolving, but they never fear such prospects. They are rather fulfilled and have the things they currently want in life, living the life they want.

It’s a “Zone Zero” personality that most people aspire to, the kind of person you either know or read about who seem to have everything sussed and everything they want… the “lucky” people who seem to know something that you seemingly don’t.

But the point here is, there’s no such thing as “lucky”, it’s just a certain mind-set whether someone realises this consciously or not. This can therefore be you too… If you adopt the right mind-set and take action to work step by step to release your deep inner fears and limitations. This even includes discovering what your deep fears actually are and learning much more about yourself. Essentially engaging in the phenomenal process of personal evolution.

You can make a start today by taking The Zone Test™ online, an introspective quiz with a series of questions that determine how many of the attributes you currently display which are consistent with certain comfort zones. It’s a free resource and will automatically provide you with your score and a brief description of what this indicates. There are no right or wrong answers, the questions simply provide an indication as to your current way of thinking and how consistent this is with common comfort zones. It then highlights what aspects of life might be holding you back; right from the obvious things to the things you may not be consciously aware of. This will provide you with a good personal plat­form to work from to push yourself forward to either reach or embrace more of “zone zero”.

The idea is then to use The Zone Test™ as a personal measurement tool to check on your progress.

Although there’s much depth to “how” we adopt this mindset, as well as all the attributes that form it; from all my observations over the years I’ve devised a simple mnemonic device of the main key attributes displayed, and it’s no coincidence it forms the word “GREAT”. So here’s a very brief snap shot of GREAT™ and the main components that can make your life exactly that.

These attributes are based on people who have achieved full health when they have been told there’s no chance of recovery, made achievements against the odds, made new discoveries and set records as well as those who are wholly consistent with a zone zero personality in any context, display without question:

G – Goals, Gratitude and Grit

Have always known precisely what they want, with a clear outcome, fully aligned with this with no conflicts or doubts, thankful they know they can do this.

Their goals have a strong higher purpose and intention, driven by determined motivation where by nothing deters them – displaying sheer grit. They visualise and use all their senses to feel their outcome! Feeling it like they’ve already done it- subsequently living this in their head and feeling immense genuine gratitude for having achieved their outcome. Being thankful for this, as with anything, the more gratitude we show and feel for something, the more of it we attract back.

 R – Responsibility

Have a very strong sense of personal responsibility. Always see what “they” can do rather than waiting for others. Assume responsibility rather than finding reasons for not having what they want. “They” decide to take control and create positive change rather than feeling like a victim or martyr.

E – Emotional Well-Being: Positive Core & Humorous Nature

They are of an innately and overall positive and cheerful demeanour with a good sense of humour. Display the ability to positively and pro­actively deal with emotional challenges for heightened well-being, essen­tial to all success in any context.

A – Awareness and Absence of Panic

They have a heightened sense of self-awareness knowing when things aren’t quite right, when they need to change and take action. They always avoid panicking when either experiencing challenge’s or their path isn’t seeming to go to plan, they express any negative emotion they need to in the best and shortest way possible. Positively look to solutions and remain undeterred.

T – Total Unshakable Belief System

Have absolutely, 100 per cent, an unshakable total core belief in what they are doing and their outcome.

This comes from their unconscious root level, such that it is their DNA so no matter what comes to challenge them in the process and for whatever reason, they will be undeterred, and they will find a way. This is because our deep beliefs affect how we think, Feel and behave as well as the health we experience and the general results we get in life.

Despite only five brief elements of 25 fundamental components amounting to an unstoppable mindset, these are key attributes of a phenomenal mind-set.

Although it’s quite feasible for some of us to dive straight in when it comes to facing our fears, a good warm-up often makes for a better performance and result. So one of the first steps to conquering fear and developing an unstoppable mind-set is about building resilience and confidence amid developing a host of useful skills to propel forward.

This involves working through a series of “30-Day Resilience-Builder Challenges”, purposefully designed to start reconditioning and transitioning your mind and body for positive change. You can warm up to handling uncertainty by randomly choosing a new daily challenge (1 – 30). These help with self-challenge and breaking some common comfort zones, the being to complete the task whether you like it or not, whether it seems pointless, silly or stupid . . . Do you have the flexibility to do it? Can you dare yourself to do something different? Can you lose your inhibitions, utilize humour and handle the uncertainty of the response you’ll get from others?

The following step involves understanding fear and why it resides in all of us. Not to mention the different types: The instinctive fear we need, the natural fear that’s good and drives us forward, a new age fear that we must be mindful of and the irrational fear that only holds us back. Plus, how fear physically changes the bio chemistry of the brain to affect the body; our stress levels, every aspect of our health as well as the results we get in life. This then begins to highlight the significance of fear; making us more mindful and so creating an even greater reason as to why conquering fear is imperative to living a life beyond limits.

Building on from this is about creating a firm foundation with an essential toolkit of resources. This all starts with good mental preparation for getting in the zone: learning about state control, how to change habitual thinking, cope in any situation and how to adopt a totally new and positive way of thinking.

The following step is then fully learning to adopt the precise attributes needed for that truly unstoppable mind-set and becoming familiar with the 25 markers of a zone zero personality. Then you’re equipped to delve deeper into the real core work –

Tonnes of intense anxiety busting techniques, recognising mistaken anxiety, phobia release models, releasing root trauma’s using the RACE™ technique and even what you can eat nutritionally to reduce fear. Did you know that increased lactic acid can cause anxiety, junk food exacerbates it and porridge increases serotonin (the feel-good chemical)?

There are so many ways to conquer fear! In this step you’ll discover “your story”. The things you tell yourself as to why you don’t do something or haven’t quite the things you want- the reason behind the reasons. Learn your deepest roots which this is ultimately connected to which has been hindering your progress. You can then release these enabling you to see your past negative events as merely experiences without the attached negative emotion, thus becoming wisdom.

As soon as your limitations and fears are all released, the next step is about determining direction. Where you really want to be in life, the things you really want and for what purpose. There are so many questions, techniques and ways of thinking in this step to help crystallise and establish some real goals and outcomes in line with your “true” core blue print. This involves ensuring you are truly matching your life’s core blue print, discovering if this has even changed and therefore how you might need to align yourself. Any deep (especially unconscious) incongruencies will only ever block your energy in attracting the life you want. At this stage it is about being able to recognise these.

Next involves discovering even more about yourself and the things that are now going to push your boundaries and stretch your mind. This is a process of self-discovery and learning what makes you tick, what else you want, your ultimate life purpose and how fulfilled you are at this point using the self-discovery model™. This step also involves looking at decision making, intuition (with an intuition quiz to indicate your current level) and how to increase your intuitive powers for the best results in life.

Finally, a very important aspect in cementing a great life beyond limits and fully conquering fear is daring to enter the quantum world – a no comfort zone area! Here is some of the most powerful information known to man when used and applied properly, and it is being fearless that creates true empowerment. This is about ensuring and determining your future reality.

Then it’s time to check-in on how you feel. Checking on any bumps in the road. Re-checking what your comfort zone level is now. How far have you advanced and what or where is it highlighting any areas for further development, re-visiting or action needed? Or have you already reached zone zero!

In any case, all the answers and steps necessary to conquer fear, develop an unstoppable mindset and get everything you want, are there.

So what’s stopping you?

You’ve already started by finding this article and book reference (consciously or otherwise), never mind when you get to the end of it!

It’s all 100% within you! Go for it starting with The Zone Test™


Only you can see your personal results too!