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Personal Consultations:

For all Pinnacle Practice services, you can request to see either Dr Em, or her partner John Clayton if your concern or personal preference is gender sensitive, however please remember to state this when booking your appointment.

  • Skype Consultations – National and International
  • Face to Face Consultations Nottingham Clinic
  • Face to Face Consultations London Clinic

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Consultation Time

Monthly Block £280.00 GBP 4hr £140.00 GBP 3 hr £105.00 GBP 2 hr £70.00 GBP 1 hr £35.00 GBP Consultation Time


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Personal Courses Launching Soon

Mind Body Diabetes Course – Different Thinking for Positive and Powerful Results

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Corporate Training’s

Well-Being in the Workplace™

With a reported 105 million days lost to stress each year – costing UK employers a massive £1.24 billion, and 75% of all illnesses in the UK attributed to stress being the root of varied psychological and physical conditions; well-being in the Workplace assists in successfully addressing such issues.

At The Pinnacle Practice we focus on developing the human neurology to strengthen the mind and body connection for maximum well-being results; psychologically, emotionally, and physically. This involves explaining exactly how our thoughts and emotions scientifically affect our behaviour, health, and the results we experience every day. We focus on developing all the necessary tools, techniques, and resources to positively manipulate this connection for optimum health, well-being, and overall productivity both personally and professionally.

Quite literally “Corporate Health Equals Corporate Wealth” so being aware of your company BP as in company ‘Business Pressure’ allows you to successfully treat any corporate hypertension and avoid any critical states.

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Corporate services:

Corporate Clinic Packages

Our corporate clinic packages take care of all psychological, mind-body health and well-being concerns, as well as provide professional performance and enhancement coaching, for all such needs of your members of staff. This works by offering all staff regular access to individual consultations, acting as a great momentum builder for productive personal and professional well-being, ensuring maximum productivity, performance, presenteeism, and motivation.

This service is provided in two ways;

  1. Going into firms to see staff individually in face to face consultations, spending one day providing a corporate clinic for employees to book appointments as they feel necessary. This may concern challenges they have regarding personal health and well-being, or professional performance concerns like confidence issues, mind-set, motivation, direction, focus, results, public speaking, presentations, or any other related challenges.
  2. Access to weekly one hour, one to one, Skype Consultations as deemed necessary.

360 degree Business Health Check

Check your business health with a complete 360 degree review of your business carried out by our top professional expert partners at Company Pulse Business Health Limited.As we all know prevention is far better than the cure, in allowing for the diagnosis of any potential business challenges or current pitfalls within your organisation moreover allows for the implementation of successful remedies that will support your business to accelerate further, ensuring your organisation is reaching its full potential and enjoying exemplary health.For more information, a free on-line demonstration, and on-line review facilities, you can visit or email for further details.

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