Having had diabetes and all its glory (or not) for over 22 years, and invaluable expertise in mind body medicine; I’ve had the luxury of having tried and tested everything I talk about, both personally and professionally. In doing so I have and indeed continue to experience phenomenal results, and this is always my intention for everyone else too… it’s all out there, and it’s all within us, so why not!

Although you’ll already have a pretty good idea about me if you’ve read my book, or even browse the first few sample pages of it; here’s a quick snap shot.

I’m co-founder of The Pinnacle Practice, a health and well-being clinic and training company in personal and professional development that I run with my partner (personal and professional of thirteen plus years, Johnny). I’m a clinical practitioner in mind body medicine and psychotherapy, and I also lecturer, train, and write professionally within my field of expertise, in the UK and United Arab Emirates.

In everything I do I have a very flexible, and dynamic approach by integrating a broad range of skills, knowledge, and certainly experience to get the best results possible all-round, and believe it or not I’m a bit of stickler for including a good sense of humour in that too!

In a nutshell I like to do whatever necessary to get the results and outcome needed; hence I’m a break the boundaries and go for it in the best way possible kind of person – which probably makes me a bit close to crazy too.

You’ve probably gathered by now I’m naturally a very positive and solutions focussed person, however that’s not to say I have my head in the clouds or that I’m a stranger to challenges and trauma in my own life, or the lives of others… I’d be pretty useless at my job if I was, so whilst I can help people, I can closely relate to many situations too.

Like everyone I’m not perfect hence I never preach, patronise, judge, or cliché people to death. This is one thing that drives me crazy; there’s enough people who’ll gladly do that, so count me out! My intention is only ever to share useful knowledge and expertise I know can help people, and change the things that really need positively changing; starting with taking diabetes out of the dark ages for one, and ensuring it becomes a problem of the past!

Although life and of course diabetes has its challenges (many of which I’ve experienced – some humorous, some minor, and others potentially life defining), it’s really about what we can do about them, what we can positively learn from them, how can we best express the things we need to, and all the things we can explore to take us further in making the most of life. These are the things that will help get us to exactly where we want to be and everything we ultimately seek from life… a life without limits.

So although my primary book is diabetes focussed; revolutionising how we see this condition, what it means, and stopping it in its tracks once and for all – There really are no limits as to what any of us can achieve. The only person to ever really stop anyone is ourselves; our own deep down belief system and thought process, which of course halts and upsets all else! However once we become aware of this, work on anything we need to, and develop or accelerate an indestructible mind-set, anything is possible.

…And quite simply that’s what I do professionally, however I see all of the above as more of a way of life than separately as work for me.

However when I’m not doing that, amidst having fun and a good laugh I love to travel and experience different things, foods, and cultures. I equally love to head off down to Devon with the Kayaks and enjoy a few good afternoon teas! Alternatively I can be found somewhere hiding in a coffee shop.